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Prophylaxis – professional tooth cleaning and check-ups at the dentist

The prevention of tooth damage through prophylaxis is always the focus of our dentists! Our dental practice in Erbendorf aims to prevent gum and tooth diseases from developing in the first place. With individual prophylaxis concepts we, therefore, support our patients in their oral hygiene.

After all, it is best if you do not need endodontic treatment, periodontitis treatment or fillings and dentures in the form of crowns, bridges and dentures on implants.

The extra for your dental health – regular prophylaxis at the dentist

Prophylaxis is an important addition to regular dental care at home. This is because the widespread diseases of caries and periodontitis are caused exclusively by bacteria that attach themselves to the tooth in plaque. These plaque cannot always be completely removed during daily brushing. Professional tooth cleaning can reach places that are difficult to reach such as the interdental spaces and remove harmful plaque.

Come to our dental practice in Erbendorf (district of Tirschenreuth)!

For patients in the Tirschenreuth district as well as in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, Tirschenreuth, Grafenwoerth, Marktredwitz and surrounding areas, the Zahnärzte am Steinwald are the point of contact in the region when it comes to modern dentistry. You too can get to know us personally. Get in touch with us and make an appointment!

professional tooth cleaning
Our prophylaxis concepts for small and large patients include:
  • Regular preventive medical check-ups
  • Professional tooth cleaning with ultrasound and cleaning of the teeth with a powder jet device (for any kind of discolouration on the tooth surface)
  • Polishing of the tooth surfaces to make it more difficult for bacteria to recolonise
  • Gentle removal of the biofilm (bacteria in the gum pockets)
  • Fluoridation for enamel curing
  • Tooth sealants for the removal of dirt niches on the occlusal surface
  • Recall – we will remind you of your next control appointment on request

Frequently asked questions about prophylaxis

What is prophylaxis?

The term prophylaxis includes professional dental cleaning as well as regular dental checks. In our practice we are very much oriented towards prophylaxis, because prevention is better than cure! This is how we would like to eliminate the causes of tooth and gum diseases before damage occurs. In dentistry, two major diseases – caries and periodontitis – must be combated. The cause of both diseases is bacteria. If we keep them low, the risk of their development is correspondingly low.

How often should I take prophylaxis?

The general dental recommendation is to have a check-up and professional teeth cleaning twice a year. However, university studies show that after cleaning, the bacteria level comes again to the maximum after 4 months. It is best to talk to your dentist when further dental cleaning is advisable in your case. With this sensible investment in your health you can avoid major damage and save time and money in the long term.

What is professional dental cleaning?

Of course, you brush your teeth regularly – but not all plaque can be optimally removed during home care. Professional tooth cleaning in the pleasant atmosphere of our practice ensures smooth, protected, shiny and healthy tooth surfaces and well-groomed gums. This way you don't give dangerous oral bacteria a chance.

Besides, we will be happy to advise you individually on how you can optimise your dental care at home.

What does professional dental cleaning include?

Professional dental cleaning includes cleaning the entire tooth surface down to just below the gums:

  • Cleaning with ultrasound
  • Powder jet cleaning (Airflow)
  • Cleaning with hand instruments
  • Polish

Patient education is a crucial factor that is the key to lasting success. This is why this is not neglected in our dental practice in Erbendorf.

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