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Sports dentistry in the district of Tirschenreuth – We are your sports dentist!

From top athletes to hobby sportsmen and women – everyone, young and old, has one or two physical problems that harm balanced movement and decrease sporting performance. What a dentist can do for you here? Finding the cause should always follow the holistic approach! As a specialised sports dentist, we pay full attention to the effects of the chewing organ on the organism.

On the one hand, it is important to find and eliminate performance reductions that can occur due to disturbing factors such as inflammation or a false bite. On the other hand, sports dentistry can help to improve the athlete’s performance. Among other things, so-called performance splints offer a lot of potential here. We would be happy to advise you on this in our practice in Erbendorf (Tirschenreuth district) – contact us for an appointment!

sports dentistry

Inflammation of the teeth and gums reduces sporting performance

Inflammations have an even more significant effect on competitive athletes than they have on "normal patients". They reduce performance capacity immensely. Periodontitis, for example, means a considerable burden on the organism. The inflammatory cells have a direct influence on the metabolism and the acid-base balance. If an athlete is over-acidified, this has a direct effect on the muscles and thus harms the performance.

Possible sources for this are:
  • The wisdom teeth are not properly erupted
  • The gums bleed
  • The teeth show inflammation at the neck of the tooth or the root

Other possible consequences of inflammation can include joint pain and cardiac arrhythmia, as well as complications in body parts or organs due to dead teeth.

More performance through the correction of malpositioned teeth

Nowadays, thorough sports dentistry examinations are an integral part of the "pre-season check". Frequently occurring malpositions of the lower jaw harm the entire musculoskeletal system, because it tries to compensate for the malposition. They can have various effects:

  • Pelvic obliquity
  • Scoliosis (three-dimensional curvature of the spine)
  • Hollow-round-back
  • The increased muscle tone with the risk of acidosis and premature fatigue
  • Stenosis of the trachea

As a result, painful restrictions in movement and limited breathing capacity with insufficient oxygen supply and increased susceptibility to an injury can occur.

Athletes also often clench their teeth during high physical exertion, which can promote a false bite and corresponding tension. Instead of compensating for orthopaedic problems with insoles and corsets, sports dentistry focuses on the cause: the jaw position!

It is scientifically proven that in many cases by:
  • Functional dental analysis
  • Individual measurement
  • And special bite splints

reaction ability, strength and endurance can be increased. This makes performance tuning possible. Our dentist Sandra von Knippenberg has specialised in the field of temporomandibular joint function diagnostics, so you are in the best possible hands.

Optimal bite? Muscle relaxation enables faster regeneration

Not only nutrition, breathing and oxygen supply are of vital importance for the top athlete. Especially for relaxed sleep and maximum oxygen intake, sports dentistry together with dental sleep medicine can provide valuable assistance.

Only an optimally adjusted bite will result in the muscles functioning optimally and the joints being spared. The tension of the muscle decreases in rest and recovery phases to develop its full potential when action is required. The muscle coordination of the entire musculoskeletal system also improves noticeably.

For protection – the right sports mouthguard is crucial

Especially for contact sports, the sports mouthguard is of crucial importance. It is important to perfectly match the degree of hardness with wearing and breathing comfort. An optimally fitted mouthguard from our practice laboratory can increase the athlete's performance.

An incorrectly fitted mouthguard can lead to tension in the chewing muscles just like an incorrect bite. This, in turn, can hurt the neck, trunk and leg muscles. As a result, frequent injuries or chronic complaints occur in completely different places.

The targeted dental intervention has already helped many prominent athletes. Our dentists will be happy to support you with a perfectly fitted mouthguard, which optimally protects your teeth from injuries.

Your appointment with the sports dentist – call us now

Visit our practice in Erbendorf – patients from the district of Tirschenreuth as well as the regions of Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Grafenwoerth, Marktredwitz and the surrounding area visit us. You benefit from the extensive range of treatments under one roof! Convince yourself by making a personal appointment.

Questions about sports dentistry

What can sports dentistry achieve?

Sports dentistry can have a supporting effect from a healthy attitude towards life to an increased performance. The individually adapted treatments are designed to support a wide range of areas:

  • Maximum Power
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Stability
  • Regeneration

Even if it is not always a matter of the last per cent performance for the hobby sportsman, the prevention of an injury, the so-called injury prophylaxis, is given in the long run by balanced statics of the body. So a visit to the sports dentist is not only useful for top athletes.

What are the fields of treatment in sports dentistry?

At Zahnärzte am Steinwald, you can expect extensive services, which we tailor to your personal needs. Our treatment concepts for athletes include:

  • Measures to improve performance and performance enhancement.
  • Specific treatments can increase the performance and the power of the athlete.
  • Elimination of performance-reducing inflammations.
  • Particularly in athletes, inflammations have a much more negative effect on their performance and represent a considerable strain on the organism.
  • Elimination of performance-reducing malocclusions.
  • Malpositions also have effects on the entire musculoskeletal system.
  • Traumatology: Usually, a standard dentist is relatively poorly trained for dental injuries – our practice is a specialist in this field!
  • Sports mouthguard: There are considerable differences in sports mouthguards. It must protect the teeth, bones and jaw joint.

Who is sports dentistry important for?

From the top athlete to the normal hobby sportsman – everyone, young or old, has one or two ailments that negatively influence their balanced and coordination. Appropriate sports dentistry can be used to counteract these ailments. We would be happy to consult you on this in our office, feel free to contact us.

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