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Help with periodontitis – Periodontosis treatment at the dentist in the Tirschenreuth district

Periodontitis is an infectious and inflammatory disease of the periodontium (gums and tooth bed). Besides caries, it is the most common disease of the oral cavity. Accordingly, periodontology, the science of the periodontium, is another important speciality of our dental practice in Erbendorf (district of Tirschenreuth).

Like caries, periodontitis is also caused by bacteria that attach themselves to the tooth (neck) in plaque. The tricky thing about this bacterial inflammation is that it often remains undetected by the patient for a very long time, as it initially runs almost painlessly. The patient initially notices an inflammation of the gums with swelling and redness. Gum bleeding and bad breath can occur as well.

Therapy of gum- and periodontal diseases

Due to the inflammation, the jaw bone gradually disintegrates, gum pockets develop and the vicious circle begins: the pocket niches create an optimal location for plaque and bacteria.

The disease can progress unhindered and ultimately leads to tooth loss.

To prevent it from happening in the first place, our practice pays great attention to prevention through regular prophylaxis. Thanks to professional dental cleaning, we can remove plaque even in inaccessible areas and effectively counteract the threat of periodontitis. The presence of inflammation can also be detected as early as possible during the six-monthly check-up.

periodontosis treatment
The treatment includes:
  • A thorough examination of the gums and the jawbone using x-rays and measuring the depth of the pockets
  • Cleaning and polishing of accessible tooth surfaces
  • Removal of teeth that cannot be saved
  • Gentle cleaning of the root surfaces with non-injurious instruments, e.g. ultrasound or laser
  • Surgical periodontitis therapy (if required)
  • Bacteria test (optional)
  • Antibiotic treatment (optional)
  • Equal optimisation of dental care at home to prevent reinfection

About the periodontal treatment in our dental practice

If periodontitis has already occurred, our dentists in periodontology offer the most modern and very gentle treatment options. Our "periodontal treatments" almost always manage without oral surgery.

The framework of gum treatment (periodontitis therapy) is a thorough and gentle cleaning of the root surfaces. Gum pockets are cleaned with the help of ultrasound and hand instruments to remove the cause – bacterial plaque – and that way initiate healing.

After successful therapy and if the situation is stable, aesthetic corrections at bone level and gums are possible. To achieve a permanently stable result in the form of healthy gums, a close control interval in prophylaxis in combination with professional tooth cleaning is essential.

If you wish, our practice team will regularly remind you of your next check-up appointment (recall).

Periodontology at Zahnärzte am Steinwald – visit us

The best thing to do is to make an appointment in our practice early and take advantage of the regular prophylaxis as recommended by your dentist.

Please do not hesitate to come to us even if you have an advanced inflammation of the gums. We are happy to help you stop the progress of periodontitis and are also specialised in anxiety patients.

With the help of aesthetic dentures such as implants on bridges and prostheses, a radiant smile is possible again even if you have lost your teeth – it is possible to take the chance to get back more quality of life!

Frequently asked questions about our periodontology

What is periodontosis / periodontitis / periodontology?

In the advertising called periodontosis, periodontitis (periodont = periodontal apparatus, Itis = inflammation) is an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus, caused by bacteria. This is an infectious disease, similar to flu or an infected wound. The bacteria organize themselves into colonies for their own protection.

If they are not removed for a long time thick adhering plaque will form underneath the gums because the toothbrush does not reach there. Periodontitis can only be combated if the adhering plaque is removed mechanically – by special hand instruments, ultrasound or airflow / powder jet devices. In order to support this cleaning, antibiotics are often used additionally, as with any bacterial infection. Laser therapy can also help to further reduce the bacteria count.

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