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Twilight sleep anaesthesia at the dentist in the Tirschenreuth district – sedation with Dormicum®

A relaxed dental treatment, which is completely free of fear and stress and which you don't even notice – does that sound unimaginable to you?

At the dentists at Steinwald in Erbendorf, it is entirely possible! In our dental practice, we offer sedation with the sedative Dormicum®. We would be happy to provide you with some information personally!

Treatment despite anxiety

Anxiety- and stress-free dental treatment for anxiety patients

Regular prophylaxis and early treatment of gum disease are essential for dental health. The longer anxious patients postpone their visit to the dentist, the greater the possible damage to the teeth and the correspondingly greater the extent of the necessary treatment.

A vicious cycle! Our practice in Erbendorf in the district of Tirschenreuth has therefore also specialised in the treatment of anxiety patients with its comprehensive services. Dentist Dr MSc. Daniel von Knippenberg successfully applies twilight sleep anaesthesia here.

Twilight sleep anaesthesia for anxiety patients

Sedation with Dormicum® is a possible alternative when interventions in anxiety and phobia patients would otherwise only be possible under general anaesthesia. Thanks to its anxiety-suppressing effect, twilight sleep anaesthesia can help patients with dental phobia to regain a much more positive experience of visiting the dentist. For some patients, this is the only way to receive dental treatment.

Even for minor oral surgery procedures, twilight sleep anaesthesia can be used for anxious patients. This is because patients often suffer from dental anxiety for many years and immense damage to the teeth is already visible, often one or more teeth are missing. As experts in implantology, we can offer you a natural-looking, high-quality dental prosthesis in the form of crowns, bridges and dentures on implants. It is even possible to have new fixed teeth in one day. We will be happy to advise you on this and on the possibilities of sedation with Dormicum®.

Sedation for major operations

Twilight sleep anaesthesia can also be used for larger operations and in cases where the treatment takes a little longer. It allows for a relaxed procedure and the operation is rated much more positively. Positive experience values are also available for very painful operations.

The alternative: treatment under general anaesthesia

Should a complete general anaesthetic be necessary, we work together with the anaesthesia centre in Altenstadt. There the operations can be carried out under general anaesthesia under supervision, e.g. also for high-risk patients.

Fear of the dentist? We help with twilight sleep anaesthesia!

Make an appointment in our dental practice in Erbendorf! Patients from Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, Tirschenreuth, Grafenwöhr, Marktredwitz and the entire region come to us time and again for treatment. We have also been able to help many patients with dental fear. Perhaps you will soon be able to do so too. We look forward to your call – ✆ +49 (0) 9682 / 855!

Frequently asked questions about laughing gas treatments

What is Dormicum®?

Dormicum® is used in our practice for sedation. It contains the active ingredient midazolam, which has a sedative effect on the CNS. Dormicum® is administered intravenously for dental treatment. A step-by-step dosage can thus be administered until the desired sedation is achieved.

How does intravenous sedation with Dormicum® work?

Dormicum® induces brief sedation and brings the patient into a state of rest, a light twilight sleep, and has an anxiety-relieving, calming and antispasmodic effect. It also causes anterograde amnesia, i.e. loss of memory for the time of sedation. The patient no longer remembers what happened during the treatment.

It goes without saying that heart and circulation functions are monitored during and after the treatment. All patients are informed in advance about risks and side effects.

Why trying twilight sleep anaesthesia at the dentist?

When correctly indicated and carried out, Midazolam is a safe active substance that allows for anxiety- and stress-free treatment. During the treatment, you can continue to communicate with the dentist as it is a pure twilight sleep and consciousness is merely reduced.

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